Starting your online target marketing in 15 minutes

This Post is for whom are new in online marketing, you are finding vendors but require some more information

90% of business starting a website is about sales & marketing …

The first thing new customers always ask is web design job reference … Wait ! Go into web development before understanding the full picture is dangerous. Website somehow like an advertising short movie, you still need TV channel to broadcast, a hotline to receive phone calls. Online marketing takes an advantage is that it has lots of way to target different group of customers, you may heard about

  1. Search Engine Optimization
  2. Online banners
  3. Electronic Direct Mail

And some new things recently

  1. Social networking services
  2. Blogging

Before building a website, think first

  1. What is the purpose of your website ?
  2. Who is your target customers ? Age ? Location ? Function ?
  3. Which distribution channel you will use to engage targets ? Twitter / Facebook ? Search Engine ? Email ?
  4. It is a workflow, not one-off price, how and who are going to manage the contents and channels ? You ? Vendor ?
  5. What you are going to show your targets ? Blog post ? Event details ? Videos ? Tutorials ?
  6. How people is going to contact you ? Email ? Join members ? Phone calls ?
  7. How to monitor your online marketing result ?
  8. The goal ? And how to achieve that step by step ?

Case study : A new individual business starts its online target marketing

Our simplified conversation as below

Keith Yau – Online marketing Consultant

Patrick – Mechanical Engineer

What is the purpose of your website ? I want clients need product manufacturing in China
comes into my previous project page,
read my experience and contact me via email for
project & cost management and manufacturing jobs.
Who is your target customers ? Product design firms in Canada / America,
already have product designs on appearance and
need someone to design the mechanical parts and balance the cost

Did you decided any distribution channel ? No idea, but i heard about search engine, how to do that ?
You need to write blog regularly about
your previous projects, so that you are
content rich and search engine love it.
Also, online visitor will trust you only
when you have relative experience shown.
OK, I will try to do that weekly. And I understood
it is hard to ask others to help, since no one knows
what is my profession.
And how to target Canada / America customer ?
You can try twitter, it is hot in America countries.
You have to register an account,
system will suggest you some friends to start.
Pick some people in American region and start !
OK, I will try it. I’m already 50 years old and
not familiar with web interfaces, how can i manage
twitter, facebook and my blog easily ?
So, you are going to show blog posts to your clients.
It better contains image and video to be more rich content.
I found a solution to submit blog post through email.
This is posterous. All you need to do is write your article
on email client like outlook express, thunderbird or gmail.
The website will help to upload your post with image as well !
Great ! And how about broadcasting over twitter and facebook ?
Posterous can also be setup and submit your post
automatically to facebook and twitter
As I told, I ‘m not familiar with Web interfaces,
it is harsh for me to set them up.
No problem, I can add this to service details as well.
I guess you do not want to analysis web statistics yourself.
Should I add this to services detail as well ?
Yes, please do it for me.
And also setup twitter, facebook, my website, posterous, monitors …
In future, you may need newsletter system to
broadcast your message through email.
Just put it at a later time and get some contact from twitter first.
Good idea and let’s go.
Let’s try 2 months first, if you find your interest,
you may also consider to take a
IT training course about online marketing.

In just 15 minutes, I know what Patrick needs and summarized a service details like below

Keith provide

Patrick Provide

A website with

  • Contact Patrick webform, like this webform sample
  • About Patrick
  • Patrick’s previous work (Blog post feed from posterous)
  • Image / Video gallery
  • Google analytics for monitoring the website
    Play with twitter and facebook himself
    and get some contact
    Setup twitter, facebook and posterous account
    Connects them together
    Regularly write blog post about his profession
    Simple web design and as a new business,
    web design is not that important
    His previous work’s image / Video.
    Let people know more about him.
    Keyword and topic suggestion on his blog post
    Since Patrick may not have the marketing sense
    Make friends with blogger and form alliance in his industry
    Website statistics analysis by 2 weeks and performance tunning
    Image alt, meta tag, tag cloud, submit to directories
    Security setup and prevent getting lost valuable content
    Ongoing and update plan, tune it monthly

    The plan above setup costed just around USD550 with two 1 hour meetings and require 10 business days.
    It is cost effective if you are new to online marketing and would like to get your hands dirty.

    You need an online marketing plan as well ? Please contact Keith Yau through email or MSN ~

    Keith Yau, Project Consultant in Yubis – Specialist of Drupal, Online marketing, Server solutions and IT training.

    Email Keith Yau Yubis Yubis

    如何設計一個技術性的演講 (Technical presentation)

    在上一次寫好計劃書之後, 今次就來準備演講. 很多時候, 當你的計劃書被接納之後, 都需要去演講. 因為大老闆的時間很寶貴的, 沒有時間去細看你的計劃書.

    其實, 這次我準備演講的目的, 不是真正需要一次演講. 而是我希望跟老闆傾談自己概念的時候, 可以更加流暢. 準備演講的過程, 可以幫人整理問題, 找尋可能受批評的地方.

    作為創業者 / 高層 / 年輕的你, 常都需要去表現自己, 相信了解如何演講可以幫助你.


    演講 四大法則 Presentation 4P

    1. Product / Background (你的產品 / 計劃背景)
    2. Problem (現存問題)
    3. Possibilities (可行的方案)
    4. Possible solution / Recommendation (你所建議的方案)

    這四個法則大概是整個演講的流程, 當然還需要一些頭尾配合, 在最後, 我會介紹我自己篇排的流程.

    如果你是在介紹產品, 那你的第一個 p 就是說 product. 你需要說明這個產品的相關背景, 例如為什麼會想制造這個產品.如你你介紹的不是產品, 那就說明你的計劃背景.

    第二個 p (problem) 就是說明現存問題, 很多時都是出現問題, 人才會找解決方案. 但成功了的人 (老闆) 很少會自己發現問題的.所以就由我們這些進取的下一代來告知他們.

    第三個 p (Possibilities) 是希望你介紹現存的一些可行方案去解決 第二個 p 說明的問題. 為什麼方案一比方案二好 ? 為什麼你的方案可取 ? 就在這裡開始發揮了.

    如果你是介紹產品的話, 第四個 p (possible solution)就是你整個演講的中心. 你就是在這裡推銷自己的產品, 說明為什麼你的產品可以解決第二個 p 的問題, 而第三個 p 中介紹的方案不可行. 個人來說, 我會把最多時間花在這裡.


    1. Presentation 4 P 之前, 必需弄清演講對象 (Target audience). 在對象未明之前, 不要準備演講
    2. Presentation 4 P 之前, 必需弄清楚演講目的. 你是在找尋伙伴 / 投資者 / 買家 ?
    3. 說明事例時, 事不過三.
      記住人的記憶力有限, 舉出事例時, 四個太多, 二個太少. 三個就適中了.
    4. 進入正提前要先說明演講內容與次序 (scope), 並建議聽眾有需要的話可更改次序.
    5. 多用圖解, 避免一個 ppt 板面多於 3 + 1 ( 3 論點 + 1 題目)
    6. 最後需要作個總結 (conclusion)
    7. 記住 ppt 不是你的講稿, ppt 的目的只是用作表示圖解, 動畫, 數據等
    8. 需要預備一些敏感題目答案, 這些往往會是別人發問的東西
    9. 一個正式演講約十五分鐘 + 五分鐘發問 (Q & A)


    1. Purpose 演講目的
    2. Scope 流程
    3. Background 背景
    4. Problem 問題
    5. Problem Examples (User experience scene) 案例
    6. Existing solutions 現行解決方案
    7. My product – How it can solve the problem ? 產品介紹
    8. Brief on my product architecture 產品設計
    9. Cost 成本
    10. Conclusion 總結