keithyau’s Incredible 2015

In my past 30 years, I don’t mind getting hands dirty (**apply to my keyboard/software only). Not refuse but I will try to avoid touching hardware (Wood/electronics) ~

  1. the reason is i had a super dad do all stuff for me, from homework to toy to experiments to home furniture …
  2. I think 1 person do 1 good thing already too hard, if i’m good at software i should keep focus…

Although my world not small (no comparison here),  looks like i were keeping away from many good things  due to 1) and 2)

At end of Nov 2015, i made my first DIY IEKA standing desk & MacBook Dock. A good start to try getting my hands raw and training execution power, later on, i will develop more DIY tool ~

IMG_4605 IMG_4603

Hey dad, your son grow up ! After making this, I feel really happy. DIY is King !

My crew and i did lots of stuff in 2015 ~ Remarkable as below

  1. Thanks Byron & Spencer’s trust (if they read the post), we hosted up Coconuts media with 10M+ PV traffic, peak 20k users, SLA around 99.99% up time. Before 2015, it were about 1M-2M PV. Also, thanks editors team bring in traffic so that i can have the challenges, not everyone can meet real traffic.
  2. Kevin Tsang Jacky Chan and I Keith Yau found a team — BootDev, originally from Mobingi, Now focus in AWS/Drupal related community business, pushing Drupal and AWS user group forward in China. This year, we did lots of community works in China & APAC. Thanks AWS China team, prompt me as AWS Community hero ! It is my honor.Screen Shot 2015-12-25 at 2.17.28 PM.png
  3. Congrads Former Mobing get into 500Startups and thanks Wayland Zhang proofed the concept works. I will super charge and make another better thing.
  4. May2015, thanks Drupal Assoc buy me free tickets to LA and join DrupalCon, As a Drupal scholarship winner, i see Drupal and the community in a total different angle.
  5. Thanks my crew, Jacky & Kevin~ Travel with me and enjoy this crazy year ! We been to Bangkok, Singapore, Taipei, Beijing, Shanghai, San Fransisco, LA and …. Did lots of presentation and Pushing our community business forward !
    IMG_4046 IMG_4202
  6. May2015 also, First time been to Canada, first time see wild animals in national park and thanks mum & uncle & sisters for everything
  7. May2015 also, thanks spencer & his gradma, first time been to San Fransisco, the city of tech, everyone (include me)’s dream ! We visit some companies, getting into a SF local home and supermarket and learn alot ! I will be there ! Officially !
  8. We had a Chinese website launched about how we do Scaling as a service. Thanks strikingly for their super tool to let us build a website in a few hours !
  9. Jun 2015, Becky and me’s first relocation to Thailand, we visited lots of apartments and try to rent one ~ Anyway, failed but really nice experience that planned to live outside our country. P.S. I WILL RETRY !
    IMG_3806 IMG_3816 IMG_3823
  10. We organize a drupal tech meetup late Nov and supported by China Accelerator, which were really successful.
  11. Drupal 8 released this Nov2015, finally
  12. Oct2015, thanks Becky zhang ! Brave girl ! Present us on stage with hundreds of people And get a prize for BootDev !
    IMG_4455 IMG_4450
  13. Nov2015, Got my first TV + PS4 at my own place 48 inch 4K ! Feel sweet and home
  14. Dec2015, AWS Shanghai User group launched ! The first China User group ! 851333089_4577116538317424546.jpg
  15. Dec 2015, The best workspace ever in my life !

Hopefully 2016, Coconuts can growth 100M+ traffic and Bootdev can get 500 developers join our both Drupal and AWS user group !

See how far we can go at 2016 ! and remarkable 2015 !



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