Complete solution to bypass GFW (SQUID + SSH Tunnel + AWS)

I used single solution to bypass GFW for a long time. Running VPN, SSH Tunnel, SQUID … Each of them got pros and cons. And sometimes not smooth. Especially I want to watch Videos that only free licensing in China, but also facebook(ing). VPN cant help.

While the power of GFW increasing, SSH Tunnel & SQUID sometimes will be de-functionated. Recently, I use the combination of SSH Tunnel + SQUID as my solution and works well.

For junior technical people, the idea is a bit complex. What I am doing is SSH encrypt SQUID requests. (Mapping the remote SQUID port to a new created local port underlining SSH)

There is free one AWS EC2 available for 2012 subscription, so I use AWS for my remote server.

SSH Tunnel
localhost:22+————————————-+ 22:remote
  +  +
  + +
   8080+  + 3128 (Remote SQUID on AWS)


With this setup, I can use FoxyProxy (Google Chrome) or AutoProxy (Firefox) help to forward all request from browser to local binded SQUID port (8080). So, I can enjoy http/https requests but not SOCK5 and those requests are encrypted, GFW wont drop the request by filtering keywords.

To establish the tunnel above, the easiest way in Windows system is using bitvise. With the attached file setting. (Of coz, with your AWS key and able to login)




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