Search Engine Optimization Basic

Basic of Search Engine Optimization case study

Yesterday, I met a client that his website is full of image and text is also posted in the image.
I told him it makes your text not visible to site visitors. And his answer is

Client: It is just different people using different approaches (各施各法), someone may like image and some may read text. Keith: Sorry, it is not ~!

From the sentence, I understood that there are still many people not clear on the basic ideas and already started their online business… At least for a website. If anyone want to start your online strategy, and not going to listen to project consultants (They may comes for charge you, right ?) You may read this guide and save your time. At least, the post don’t know how to charge you.
Anyway, remember, Information technology need some cost and time, but it is effective and efficient.

No matter you put Text / Image / Video on the Internet, Search Engine like Google / Yahoo will only grab text ~!
You can still search image / video over Internet because search engine record its filename / link which is also text.

Search Engine formed a complex database and as a result users can search the website from its “pre-made” database in a good performance. So, don’t think search engine is something that directly allow visitors to access your website. And users will not able to search your website if it is >80% formed by images.


With just 3 minutes, my client becomes annoying and asked me for how much. One question, will you ask how much is a car ? You won’t, you will ask how much is a Benz. Without the basic understanding about the technology, it is not the time to ask how much.

The conversation end and I suggest him to read my powerpoint introduction which i will send him later. And a one-day workshop can be offered.

Here I suggest you to have the following before building a website, if you want your website goes to the first page of search engine

  1. Text and image should be in a about 7/3 ratio
  2. Think your keywords first, remember search engine base on webpages not website
    1. People will land on your relevant content page rather than always the front page
    2. People will go away if their landing page is wrong, no matter how much you sent on advertisement
  3. Page title counts large portion of search engine marks, beware every page’s title butnot all page the same title
  4. Keyword should be target marketed
    1. E.g. “Car” vs “7 seat car”
    2. “7 seat car” vs “7 seat Benz”
  5. How to get alliance and inbound link (Link from others’ website to your website)
    1. Write blog and make friends from blog
    2. Alliance with your company / business
    3. Buy from directories / forum

Keith Yau, Project Consultant in Yubis – Specialist of Drupal, Online marketing, Server solutions and IT training.


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